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Who We Are

We Reach Beyond to deliver Your Optimal Business Goals

At Tentacle, we deliver business building marketing and financial strategies and services that help equity sponsors and management teams realize their revenue, optimal expenses and enterprise value goals. We deliver high value marketing , financial and business acumen critical to revenue and EBITDA growth, marketing R.O.I and the efficient use of financial capital.

We sit at the intersection of marketing and corporate finance. Our principals have held C-level and Directorship positions in venture backed start-ups and private equity portfolio companies as well as Fortune 100 companies, sports franchises, technology and franchise business across public and private sectors. We bring a unique combination of big company C-suite sophistication and an entrepreneurial mindset to the lower, middle market.

What We Do

We drive results


Tentacle leverages and integrates sophisticated business strategies and methodologies to create mechanisms that will power our clients and partners to reach, engage and convert qualified leads into valuable customers. Tentacle is the conduit for new revenues, growth in current customer revenue and enterprise value on behalf of our clients.


Our proven marketing and business acumen delivers to our partners effective technology, data driven multi-channel campaigns, compelling R.O.I. on marketing spend, revenue growth and enhanced enterprise value. We drive results with optimal cost effectiveness, due to our sophisticated process and proven techniques.


HOW We Do It

Tentacle Reaches Beyond traditional Turnaround Management Firms to ensure a maximum return on investment

Tentacle is a financial marketing management firm. We have a three phase, proprietary methodology that puts us in position to gather the necessary understandings to fuel the business in a precise, cost effective manner for revenue growth and enterprise value. Regardless of your marketing and revenue generating predicament, The Tentacle Eight©, Marketing Process for Revenue Generation will deliver the optimal investing, harvesting and exiting outcomes desired.


Revenue Growth Audit & Assestment


Customer Analysis & Segmentation


Strategic Revenue Generation Plan


Tactical Development


Marketing Ops, Architecture & Construction


Go To Market Execution


Analysis & Reporting


8. Business, Marketing and Financial Management



Tentacle provides strategic marketing, branding and localized customer lead generation and acquisition to private equity backed, multi-facility company in the pain management and wellness industry. Tentacle delivers critical marketing capabilities to assist client roll-up effort of independent physician operated facilities and helped establish corporate franchise platform.


Tentacle drove a 63.7% net increase in the Company’s e-commerce sales year over year. As we embark on year 3 with the Client, the focus is on continuing and cultivating a much larger social network, specifically reaching a level of in excess of 4600 highly engaged followers from a starting point where the business did not even have an Instagram account. Social influencers will play an increasingly impactful role in the overall go-forward revenue growth strategy.


This client is a venture backed Clean Tech start-up based in South Carolina.Tentacle created client brand identity, built corporate website, supported go-to market strategy and provided marketing tactical support to client operator recruiting campaigns. Tentacle outcome helped client communicate and demonstrate disruptive, proprietary industry solution to attract investment capital from institutional investors and family offices.


Tentacle serves as a select marketing agency for local multi-unit, public company franchisor (NYSE:PLNT) and a large group of owner operated and private equity backed franchisees in the multi-unit fitness industry. Tentacle serves to enhance client brand awareness, deliver consistent on-brand creative and media placements to drive local member acquisition and unit level EBITDA through hyper-targeted social and digital media.

Reaching Beyond Normal Results

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We are comprised of talented individuals that are not just proficient in their area of expertise, but also savvy in a range areas, when it comes to how our business propels client growth. We are Creators that understand Business, Financiers who understand Marketing, Designers that know Numbers, Relationship Architects that get how to Build Revenues, Marketers who know how to put it all together. Tentacle’s Crew is a Harmonious Mix of Brand and Revenue Building Tacticians, who are always Reaching Beyond expectations.


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