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Consumer engagement is on the move, and keeping up with a purchaser's habits can be a complex task and multi-pronged process. However, building deeper relationships with customers is more important than ever. Technology has opened more consumer conversations than ever, but with so many disjointed platforms, Mobile, Digital and Social engagement has become a murky ocean of consumers that are not easily identifiable through just one platform or initiative.

While communicating with consumers has become more specifically targeted, reaching consumers efficiently and in a cost-effective manner has become challenging and more work-intensive than it should be.

Tentacle provides proven digital marketing solutions for small businesses and multi-location brands. Contact us or click to read a few case studies.



Tentacle has unique technologies, proprietary processes and multi-pronged solutions to be that one and only provider you need in the mobile, digital and social space. Tentacle provides brands with the reach and range to pull in the most appropriate purchasers for the products and services they want and need most.

Tentacle can unleash its technology and systems to reach out and pull in those consumers that perfectly fit with your brand. Tentacle helps brands Reach Beyond the efforts they currently depend on to engage with consumers.



Tentacle combines Mobile, Digital and Social to effectively and efficiently use passive and active data collection tactics to capture diverse social, location-based and emotional information to extend the reach of brands to identify, engage, entice and serve up the right consumer and the right moment.

Tentacle uses unique and proprietary technologies, systems and analytics when pulling in consumers.


Tentacle is a cutting edge, Mobile, Digital and Social Marketing engine. Our technologies empower brands to interact and engage new and existing customers with pinpoint accuracy in both time and location. We target consumers with precision to put your brand in front of those prospects whose interest in your product or service is verified. Our technology accelerates the convergence of real-time data collection and immediate one to one marketing.

Solutions for growing companies with unique digital challenges.

Situation: Our client has over 500 colleges and universities across the US and Canada who subscribe to their branded media service for students. The organization’s digital engagement strategy was not attracting online attention of the students. We provided a solution to increase student engagement on the localized Facebook pages which would lead to a higher rate of renewal of the media service.

Solution: Our creative teams developed social media and content strategies to engage students and educators. The content and social media advertising plans were presented in the form of monthly posting schedules for multiple platforms.

Result: The combined reach and engagement for all 500+ Facebook pages went from an average of 60-100 fans per page to over 600 fans per page. Engagement increased from 15-40 actions to over 150 comments, shares, and likes over the course of six months. The colleges and universities now have a higher renewal rate (up to 89% in their program), and their students have a 72% favorability rating of our client’s media service program.

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Situation: Our client has over fifty localized Facebook pages for their stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. The client’s social media team posted inconsistent content with varying levels of frequency.

Solution: By working closely with the client, we developed a digital marketing strategy to promote brand presence, sales, specials and local content evenly and with consistent frequency to all 50 locations.

Result: The combination of tactics that we deployed for the client decreased their bid prices on search engine marketing and increased the reach of their promoted posts, content and ad delivery on social media. These tactics include hyper-targeting ads on social media towards interests, behaviors, geographic location and other demographics while increasing the client’s social media relevancy scores for each location which are now among the highest we’ve seen for any retail client--routinely achieving near-perfect ratings from Facebook. We used a combination of ad types and frequency to deliver approximately 9,000 views over each 6 day period with an average of 250 clicks to each local website at under half a dollar per click.

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Situation: Our client asked us to provide a solution to help them cost-effectively grow their business of over 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. As the franchisor, they didn’t know how to truly harness the power and potential of digital marketing for each location.

Solution: We developed digital, social and mobile strategies to grow the brand and increase revenue for both franchisor and franchisee. We also provided a turn-key solution that was easy for local franchisees to adopt and created customer experiences that continue to build the brand and business loyalty. We sought to execute these plans while minimizing customer acquisition costs and increasing the lifetime value of customers.

Result: Our campaign produced 98,000 online club joins at over 900 clubs in 1 year alone, generated 3,000,000 new Likes on Facebook local pages, increased digital, social and mobile ad spending by franchisees from almost $0 to over $3,500,000 per year. The large scale, high quality data produces better information and decision making. The average participating franchisee is realizing a 350% return on their investment with a cost of customer acquisition reduced to $10 and lifetime value increased to $350. Our team also responded to over 1,000 customers inquiries per day on multiple social media platforms. This self-supporting marketing program continues to produce engaged customers, happy franchisees, and constantly growing top line revenue for corporate.

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Situation: The client is a home improvement company with regional operations in five states. Due to the competitive nature of the home improvement space, the client was seeking a way to boost visibility of their brand online through search engine marketing.

Solution: We developed and tested targeting that lowers search engine marketing bid prices, optimizes time of day for each ad and localizes ad copy so their brand stays relevant.

Result: The client’s cost per acquisition dropped by 25% and their reach increased due to new budgeting strategies. The client has now grown from one location to six locations in five New England states. The brand voice and style has been delivered on multiple media (YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Online Display Ads etc.), and their online brand consistency is even optimizing their traditional marketing. The client has occasionally mentioned that customers tell them that they ‘see their brand everywhere.’

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Situation: This client-an industry leader in physician led weight loss-was in market for over five years and has grown to eight locations in four states. Throughout this period of growth, they realized that the traditional media methods for growing their customer base, maintaining their brand and adding new locations was not most efficient. The client approached us for the most cutting-edge strategies to capitalize on their growth.

Solution: Develop a digital, social and mobile campaign that refreshes the brand to make it more contemporary and increases awareness and interest from prospects by focusing on what sets the client’s brand apart from its competitors and utilizes social channels to reach partners in the healthcare community as well as new physicians to open their own expanded practice services.

Result: This campaign is just getting started and already we have seen customer interaction double on social channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The search engine marketing (SEM) aspect of the campaign has two distinct goals: we directed half of their budget towards business development through SEM, which aims at acquiring new physicians and raising awareness in the medical communities of this complimentary service for their patient base. The second half of the SEM budget was allocated to target men and women who have health related issues due to weight and need fast and safe treatment. Since this is a category crowded with competitors and our client had no digital marketing before they started working with us, we focused on building up their quality score in order to get competitive bid prices on their ads and assure their budgets are appropriate in each location. We tested competitor’s keyword search terms, social messages, and creative messaging to get the best return on investment before a full system rollout.

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Situation: Our client is a pharmaceutical company that was looking to increase direct online sales of their contraceptive product, which is distributed in thousands of retail stores, hospitals and clinics across the United States.

Solution: We developed a Facebook ad campaign designed to target users across various key demographics that were most likely to convert and purchase this specific product. Our goal was to A/B test various ad types, bid strategies, landing pages, creative imagery and more to find what would drive the best results.

Result: The client’s total online sales increased by 381% over the course of our most recent one month test compared to a 3 month average of monthly sales before the campaign launched. By keying in on optimal bid strategies, ad format and working with international retailers we were able to increase clicks to the website while lowering ad spend, cutting the client’s Cost per Click on Facebook by over 400%, while increasing Click Through Rate 15x. Sales have remained consistent as we work to replicate results with additional retailers. This client has been with us for 3.5 years due to our mix of digital, social & mobile strategies and capabilities.

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Digital Tentacle provides a clean and consistent look for large multi-location brands when customers are searching online. You can expect localized video content generation and targeting on the Google networks, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Using retargeting and other local and CRM targeting to capture prospective customers wherever they are online. Data mining. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Google AdWords, SQL, Excel, PostgreSQL. Digital, Social & Mobile Analytics with our Dashboard interface.

Social Our Social strategies gather pertinent data and insights, provide real consumer engagement. Social customer care = Managing customer service and other engagement activity on Facebook and other social channels including multi-lingual support. Social clean-up = Finding, creating and/or merging uncontrolled social media sites created by customers, competitors or other rogue sources. Social brand playbook development (FAQ and brand guidelines for training staff and/or Franchisees how to interact as the brand online). Look-a-like targeting = Taking customer demographics using CRM data to target specific profile groups which match existing customers or lists. Custom social application development.

Mobile Mobile ad creative & targeting, Geo & Mobile based connectivity, Waze, Mobile Advertising & Mobile Promotions technology and solutions. Hyper-local targeting for large scale brands. Localizing offers, sales, promotions and social media content. Retargeting/Remarketing FollowMe ads once prospective customers have expressed interest. All campaigns developed in fully responsive formats optimized for mobile devices. Consumer Engagement Technologies that are trackable by device type and location.

We have extensive experience developing custom social platforms to manage and measure analytics, customer engagement, sentiment and other key metrics for large brands. Experience in developing Facebook campaigns; Google Analytics and Google AdWords campaigns; and YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Twitter campaigns. Technologies to help you track and amplify it all or traditional digital agency capabilities (if needed) including Website development, microsites, landing page design and execution in fully responsive formats as well as Database Marketing. We can do a quick review of your brand’s unique situation with what we call a Tentacle “digital footprint review”.

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