a full suite of performance improvement solutions for lower, middle market companies and their equity sponsors

We deliver a unique integrated combination of corporate finance, operations and marketing advisory services to ensure increased revenue, EBITDA and enterprise value

We help our clients across the investment cycle (1)

Who We Are

We Reach Beyond to deliver Your Optimal Business Goals

At Tentacle, we deliver business building marketing and financial strategies and services that help equity sponsors and management teams realize their revenue, optimal expenses and enterprise value goals. We deliver high value marketing , financial and business acumen critical to revenue and EBITDA growth, marketing R.O.I and the efficient use of financial capital.

We sit at the intersection of marketing and corporate finance. Our principals have held C-level and Directorship positions in venture backed start-ups and private equity portfolio companies as well as Fortune 100 companies, sports franchises, technology and franchise business across public and private sectors. We bring a unique combination of big company C-suite sophistication and an entrepreneurial mindset to the lower, middle market.

What We Do

We drive results

Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, we work on behalf of equity sponsors to assist in the transaction due diligence effort and to provide post-closing, hands-on support to portfolio company managers to ensure effective corporate governance and help achieve investment objectives; operating performance goals. We serve as a liaison between the equity sponsor and its portfolio company managers.

We are experienced C-suite executives with a broad and deep background in managing and building companies backed by professional capital sources and institutions across the public , private equity and venture capital markets. We are uniquely qualified to bring our real-world knowledge, skills, and know-how to help equity sponsors and the portfolio company managers in addressing its business challenges and achieving its business objectives.

We bring the  ability to come into the situation and quickly establish a contributing presence to a CEO and the C-suite team. We  deliver high impact advisory services that not only deliver the what to do but the how to do because we’ve sat in the seat before and successfully met challenges. We  immediately contribute from our immersion  as we are there to not run the portfolio company but rather bring bandwidth,  thought partnership, positive influence and mentorship.

Our work is focused on enhancing the profitability of our client’s business, increasing cash flow  and  enterprise value. This can only be done with a healthy revenue engine powered by high impact business and marketing strategy and execution. Most performance improvement measures offered  by other advisors have  a limited cost side focus. We bring  a powerful combination of deep financial acumen and deep marketing acumen that is  necessary to put a business back on the path to revenue growth, renewed  health  and sustained business performance. 


HOW We Do It

Tentacle Reaches Beyond traditional Advisory Management Firms to ensure a maximum return on investment

Tentacle is an Advisory Management Firm. We have a three phase, proprietary methodology that puts us in position to gather the necessary understandings to fuel the business in a precise, cost effective manner for revenue growth and enterprise value. Regardless of your marketing and revenue generating predicament, The Tentacle Eight©, Marketing Process for Revenue Generation will deliver the optimal investing, harvesting and exiting outcomes desired.


Revenue Growth Audit & Assestment


Customer Analysis & Segmentation


Strategic Revenue Generation Plan


Tactical Development


Marketing Ops, Architecture & Construction


Go To Market Execution


Analysis & Reporting


8. Business, Marketing and Financial Management

WhyTentacle-Industry Case Studies

Healthcare _ Multi Location (3)

Tentacle served as a corporate finance and marketing advisor to an environmental technology company with proprietary eco-friendly air, water & soil purification solutions. Tentacle supported the founder's Series A fund raising effort in the development of the company's offering memorandum, investor materials, valuation methodology, investment security instruments and participated in investor discussions. Tentacle created the client's brand identity, designed & built its corporate website, supported the go-to market launch strategy and provided ongoing marketing tactical support for revenue growth and enterprise scale.

Healthcare _ Multi Location (2)

Tentacle served as a corporate finance and marketing services provider to a SaaS B2B2C mobile data collection and consumer engagement technology provider. Tentacle spearheaded the development of the client's brand enhancement in support of the company's Series B fund raise effort. Tentacle provided interim C-suite services in the execution of the finance and marketing functions which included implementation of corporate governance practices, enhanced financial reporting and operational protocols. Tentacle assisted the recruiting of key sales professionals and helped establish the go-forward the sales function in pursuit of new client pipeline.

Fitness & Wellness

Tentacle devised a multi location business and marketing strategy for a national, NYSE listed fitness chain, devising micro plans for individual locations based on target demographic unique to the individual locations, while maintaining an overarching umbrella strategy for the brand. Tentacle’s effort year-in and year-out over a long-term engagement lowered CPA collectively over 300% while growing EBITDA in multiples for the chain and individual franchisees. Tentacle received awards and accolades for the successful, sustainable strategy and execution.

Healthcare _ Multi Location

Tentacle built the business and operation systems and protocols for a multi-location health care facility. Creating the business plan using financial and marketing data, and integrating the key components of the business of Finance, Marketing and Operations, Tentacle implemented a plan to lower budget by 20%, increase new patient acquisition and patient retention and increase visits. Tentacle’s Financial team developed a Cohort Report that provided factual visibility to the business, revenues and expenses, that allowed leadership to make educated decisions to impact EBITDA positively. The Tentacle methodology for cross departmental execution was a multiplier for their business, inspiring branching out to a franchise model.

Financial Services (1)

Tentacle provided a business and marketing pivot in the strategy of a lending institution which was product driven, in contrast  to being brand and business driven. We built and led the plan to break down the silos in how the client operated, creating one simple, creative and dominating message to propel revenue growth and stronger brand awareness. The shift in business methodology and marketing strategy led to a 28% increase in revenues with corresponding 20% decrease in marketing spend. The Tentacle advice and execution also led to sustained annual growth beyond our past engagement.

Financial Services

Tentacle provided a business development analysis for a major financial investment group. The discovery process brought us to the determination that the business development process and results were deficient due to a flawed philosophical approach with targeting inaccuracies. Post discovery, Tentacle was engaged to build a new business process with sophisticated systems and protocols, utilizing data and client engagement tactics. Three months after the implementation of Tentacle’s recommendations the company realized a 36% increase in revenues and an overwhelming increase of 60% in customer satisfaction.

Healthcare _ Multi Location (1)

Tentacle built an e-Commerce Strategy for a consumer centric manufacturing business and executed marketing tactics that drove a 63.7% increase in year over year sales.  The strategy incorporated a multi tactical approach to build awareness and acquisition of the products. Tentacle's revised targeting approach help fuel the growth and allowed the company to introduce new products and offers, based on the data acquired. Additionally, Tentacle created a subscription membership to drive ancillary product sales, introducing a more reliable reoccurring revenue model.


We are comprised of talented individuals that are not just proficient in their area of expertise, but also savvy in a range areas, when it comes to how our business propels client growth. We are Creators that understand Business, Financiers who understand Marketing, Designers that know Numbers, Relationship Architects that get how to Build Revenues, Marketers who know how to put it all together. Tentacle’s Crew is a Harmonious Mix of Brand and Revenue Building Tacticians, who are always Reaching Beyond expectations.


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